Grass-Fed, no antibiotics or hormones, no seed oils, no plastic

Our Story

In the heart of Venice, California, a culinary revolution was quietly simmering. A vision to challenge the norm, redefine the conventions of dining, and nourish the local community with the purest ingredients nature can offer. Thus, GoodSteak was born - an establishment founded on the principles of sustainable farming, authentic flavors, and an unwavering commitment to health.

The year was 2023, a time when fast-food joints and processed meals were increasingly becoming a cause for concern. Amidst this culinary landscape, GoodSteak arose, a beacon for those seeking a healthy, yet savory, everyday dining experience.

Its mission was clear: to deliver wholesome, grass-fed, farm-to-table steaks, breads, and salads - all free from seed oils and teeming with nutrient-rich goodness.GoodSteak was not just a restaurant; it was a philosophy, a lifestyle. Its creators, a group of health-conscious chefs and food enthusiasts, shared a collective dream: to offer food that nourishes the body without compromising on flavor. They believed that eating well should not be an occasional indulgence, but an everyday affair.

And so, they set out to source the finest grass-fed beef from local California farms, select the freshest organic produce for their salads, and create artisanal breads baked fresh daily using traditional methods.The journey was not easy. Establishing a supply chain based solely on local, sustainable farms was a monumental task. But the founder's unyielding dedication to their vision meant no compromise. Their determination eventually paid off, leading to a revolutionary dining experience that combines quality, health, and taste.

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